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Travel Apps for your Montana Adventure

March 4th, 2013 by kimtaylor

Whitefish App by the WCVB

Whitefish App by the Whitefish Convention and Visitor’s Bureau – created by Old Town Creative.

Long gone are the days when the family vacation meant packing the kids in the family station wagon (sans air conditioning), strapping your luggage to the roof (or your dog in the case of the Romneys), buying a map at the local gas station and driving away in search of family adventures – when entertainment was license plate bingo or fighting with your brothers & sisters in the back seat.

Now vacations include video games and DVDs to entertain the kids, hotels are booked online ahead of time, and the SUV you’re driving in, is climate controlled. (I’m guessing the kids still fight in the back seat however.)  Another travel “necessity” these days is a variety of apps that help you get the most out or your travel dollars and time.  Here is a list of our favorites we recommend for download to enjoy the most out of your time in Whitefish:

Whitefish Travel App (FREE):

This app helps visitors see what’s available in Whitefish for a variety of services and activities in the “Show Me” portion.  Want to find a great local Pizza joint or a place to have a picnic – this is the app for that.

Want to find out what’s in the area where you’re headed for lunch – go to the “Near Me” section.  You’ll find information, photos and any specials at local businesses surrounding a given location.

The “Map It” features will tell you where you are and how far your chosen restaurant, bar or other destination is.  It’ll even track you as you walk across town, that is… if you want it to.

Trippons (FREE):

Trippons allows you to download free coupons to your mobile phone in a variety of Montana towns (including Whitefish) for special offers just for Trippon users at local restaurants, spas, lodging and shopping.

EveryTrail (FREE): available on itunes

Search for trails get the scoop on hike lengths, ratings, highlights and view photos from actual hikers who’ve been there.  You can even track & map your own hikes.

Get Lost in Montana (FREE): available on itunes or at:

Get local’s recommendations on where to eat, sleep and play in Montana.  It also provides trip ideas for weekend getaways.  You can upload your own pictures and spread the word to fellow travelers on the hidden gems you stumble upon.  It even gives you a platform to start your “bucket list” of must see places.

Ski Whitefish (FREE): available on itunes or at

Get snow reports, weather, trail maps and view webcams.

Montana DOT Traveller (FREE): Available on itunes

Great if you’re travelling by car across Big Sky Country.  The app displays traffic cameras so you can see the road conditions for yourself, it also gives you traffic and weather alerts.

Other recommended apps from our Facebook followers:, and

Best of all these apps are FREE and will help make your trip to Montana one to remember for a lifetime. If you’ve got a favorite travel app, let us know about it and …  h“APP”y travels (pun intended).

Author: Sarah Stewart